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PcPayroll provides accurate plus affordable payroll services for your organization.  Connect to our secure system, enter your information and we do the rest.  You may also fax or phone your information to us.  Your payroll information is returned to you in a few days.  Let us handle your payroll tax liability problems.  We can pay and file your all federal, state and local taxes.

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PcPayroll system gives you the ability to process your payroll simply and efficiently. Easy to read payroll checks and registers are produced.   Differing pay frequencies can even be used within the same organization.  Multiple pay types, rates and deductions are printed on the employees pay stub to make payment breakdowns and tax payments easy to understand.
Federal, State, and Local Withholding taxes are automatically computed and withheld from paychecks.  Tax deferrals are considered in tax calculations including the 401K and 403B plans. A Time Entry Menu displays complete gross pay along with any previously entered hours and gross eliminating many errors.  All entries are listed for editing purposes so that errors are corrected before payroll is processed.  A complete employee history is displayed showing previous payroll information.

Time Entry
Payroll entry,

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1.  Connect to our system and enter your time information, plus employee changes.

2.   In a day or two your payroll information is delivered.


Payroll Check
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Payroll Register
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