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The Payroll Cycle

The payroll cycle consists of two easy steps.  Number one, enter employee changes  (if any).  Second and last, enter the employees time information.  We do the rest.  In one to two working days later you will receive you completed payroll.

Employee Changes
Enter your employees additions and changes.  This includes name and address, exemptions deduction changes, etc.  The employee menu consists of six pages,  Employee ID, Tax information, Deductions, Rates/Entitlements, Historical information, and Miscellaneous information

Data Entry
Time or employee pay information is entered.  Amounts are automatically extended (Hours x rate).  Entered data is displayed on the top part of the screen while previous entries are listed on the lower part of the screen.  Scrolling between entries is just a click away.  Entries can be printed to verify for accuracy.

Check records are generated calculating all federal, state, and local tax withholdings.  Tax deferrals are used when computing taxes.  Checks can be previewed and any last minute changes may be completed.  The payroll register can be printed before the checks to insure accuracy.  The payroll checks can be printed in four different sequences.  Different check styles are provided.  If we do not have yours, may be we can include it for you.   Direct Deposit Advice forms are printed for direct deposit employees.  The Payroll Register is printed listing all earnings, tax withholdings and deductions.  The Payroll Summary totals all earnings withholding, and deductions and calculates the 941 deposit information.  The Payroll Expense list all unemployment tax expenses by department.

Various reports can be printed after the payroll is completed.  The most common ones are the Journal Entries, Work sheets, and Employee Name and Address.