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Employee Changes

The purpose of this program is to maintain Employee records within the Employee File.  The program is used to add,  delete or change information on existing records.  The Employee file contains information that is used by other programs.  All of the employee’s default or standard information is entered here.  A unique six digit number (employee number) accesses each employee record. 

There are six screens for each employee record.
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Employee identification,The employee Identification Page is used to record the employees name, address, social security number, etc.
withholding,tax,federal,state,local,Tax Information screen identifies each taxing authority.  All Federal, State, and local information used to compute taxes is entered here.
withholding,deduction,401k,Deduction section records the employees volunteer payroll withholding.  Deduction amounts can be calculated based upon percentages, hours worked, etc. Goal amounts my be set.
entitlements,rates,The Rate/Entitlements page records the employees standard rate.  Rate override is provided during data entry.
historical,history,The Historical section display the most common earnings information.  More detail information is provided
bond,accounting,The Miscellaneous page display saving bond information, plus employees standard accounting information