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How long has PcPayroll been doing payrolls?
We started in 1969.  Since then we have produced over a million pay checks.

How do I send you my payroll information?
The best way is for you to log on to our computer and enter your payroll. (See Cycle).  You enter all employee changes plus time records.  Once you approve, we will then process you payroll.  If for special reasons you cannot enter your payroll we will provide the data entry for you.  You are in complete control.  Some organizations like to enter the time data on provided work sheets and fax the work sheet to us.  Others like to phone the data in.

Can you sign payroll checks for me?
Yes.  Submit a signature to us and we will print it on your check.  Keep in mind you must register the signature with you bank.

Can you mail my checks and direct deposit items directly to my employees?
Yes.  But first we fax you the payroll register for you to approve.  Once you approve, the checks are usually in the mail the same day as we process.  This is a good idea for employees located all over the country.

Is there a maximum number of employees that you can handle?

Can you remit my payroll taxes for me?
Yes.  The IRS and most states tax liabilities are withdrawn from your account and paid electronically on their due date.

I have some unusual calculated pay rates and deductions that must be manually calculated.  Is it possible for you to do this for me?
Generally speaking yes.  We have build in all the common calculations that we can think of.  We also know that there are cases that must be coded just for you.

Can I print reports from my location?
Yes but you must be able to connect to our computer on-line or through your internet ISP.  We will provide the software and assists you.

Is it safe to use the internet?
We do not use the internet, just the communications part.  There are too many security issues.  However, we do use the TCP/IP protocol that lets you connect directly to our computer via DSL, Broadband, etc.  You may also connect directly by dialing in.  You can do both.

Can I start your services anytime during the year?
Yes.  You do not have to wait for the beginning of a month, quarter or year.  However, if you would like to use our tax service we prefer that you to start at the beginning of a quarter.